Administrative Features

Adding Vehicle Application Fitments To A Product By Hand

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From the admin control panel a product ( for e.g. a wheel ) can have multiple vehicles assigned to them, users then choose their make/model/year on the front-end and the extension will find all matching parts for that vehicle. The relationships between products & vehicles you are creating are called "application fitments". The Application Fitment Import/Export allows you to mass-import these fitments.
Adding fits to a product with the magento plugin

Quick Add Vehicle

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Vehicles may be 'quick added' from the product edit page with an ajax interface, this allows for a fast work flow.

Manage & Browse Vehicles List

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The vehicles list can be browsed and managed from the control panel. This solves the problem of adding a vehicle by hand, or editing it. When you edit a vehicle, it will appear renamed under every product you've previously added it to. A make,model, or year can be also be easily renamed or deleted. If you delete a Make it will delete all Models,Years, and Product Applications.

Merge (new)

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If you have multiple spellings of something, it can be a very costly mistake, because you create significant issues with the user's ability to locate products. If they search on 'F-150' with a dash but your prodoct doesn't show up because your vendor put 'F150', the customer may not pick the alternate spelling. This is why merge was created, to consolidate alternate spellings & correct mistakes.

Mass Fitment Assignment

If you are inputting your fit assignments by hand you may need to assign a product to many individual fits. To speed up this process you can pick a top level attribute ( eg. make "honda" ) and have it add all the options ( models/options/years ) that are hondas. You could then go thru and uncheck any fits that do not apply. In this way you can map large collections of vehicles to your products.

If you need to select multiple vehicles, year ranges, etc.. You can do so with the javascript interface.

Duplicate Vehicles When Duplicating A Product

View a demo of Adding Vehicle Application Fitments To A Product By Hand

In Magento you can duplicate a part, when you do this, all of that automotive product's vehicle applications will be copied over to the newly duplicated product.

Custom 'levels' and Year Ranges

configuring the makes/models/years that users will be able to filter products by, and will be available for assigning fits to products on the product edit page

The system can be set up to do year ranges, for instance if you want to be able to store "1991-2006" as an actual fit and apply all of those years to a product at once. Customers would then select the range of years that applied. Of course it can be called something other than "year". That implies it does not have to be a number, it contain letters and dashes in the year.