Search By Tire Size

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The tire package allows your customers to search by tire size. Tires can be set as winter/summer in terms of season, and customers can search for the exact tires that they need. In this way customers can locate tires of the correct aspect ratio, diameter, and section width for their vehicle.

Search For Tires By Vehicle

View a demo of Search For Tires By Vehicle

Selling tires online is easy when the vehicles that fit each tire are automatically derived from the tire size of the product+vehicle. Using our software, all you need to do is set the tire size of your tire. The matching vehicles are automatically found and added to the tire's application fitments.

You don't even need to go product by product, because you can also import the product's tire sizes. When importing the tire's tire sizes, the matching vehicles will also be added to each tire.

From the front-end, the user can then search by vehicle, and find matching tires. With the right data (which we help with), you could setup an entire tire store in essentially one-click.