Bolt Patterns

wheel bolt pattern import
The bolt pattern adds to your vehicles list, and makes the system aware of every vehicle's bolt pattern. The bolt pattern data is included.

A popular way to map products to vehicles, is via a bolt pattern. A bolt pattern is a measurement that can be used to determine if the bolts of the wheel match the bolt pattern of the vehicle..

Search By Bolt Pattern

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The user can enter the lug count & stud spread of their vehicle, or of the wheel they are looking for. This is useful in a number of different scenarios, mainly an "experienced customizer" who is looking for a specific size. In this way someone looking for a wheel of a given size can find what they need quickly & effectively.

Search By Vehicle

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With the bolt pattern assigner, you can almost sit back and let the system run on auto-pilot while it finds every combination of wheel and vehicle and automatically sets up your entire store! Then your customers can enter in their vehicle without knowing it's given bolt pattern, and all wheels that have a matching bolt pattern will be shown.

We also have databases of vehicle bolt patterns.