Tire Installation & User Guide

With the tire module, you have the capability to upload the product's tire specifications. Your users can then search by tire size


To install the module:

  • First upload the module, upload Elite/Vaftire into your app/code/local/Elite/ path.
  • You may use the installer, or manually copy Vaftire/Elite_Vaftire.xml to app/etc/modules

Set A Product's Tire Size

When editing a product set or unset the tire size and press save. This sets the tire size of your product.

Save the product within Magento to save your changes. To unset the tiresize, highlight each field and back space out all values, and subsequently save the product.

Import/Export Product Tire Sizes

Navigate to Vehicles -> Tires -> Product Tire Sizes -> Import:

Use this format:

Tire Type Codes

In the tire_type column,

Import/Export Product Tire Sizes (Command Line Interface)

Navigate to Elite/Vaftire/cron
Open config.php and set the path information & database details.
To import, create a file called product-tires-sizes-import.csv with the above format, then use this command:
php product-tire-sizes-import.csv.php
Or as a background process:
nohup php product-tire-sizes-import.csv.php > product-tire-sizes-import.csv.log &

To export, use this command
php product-tire-sizes-export.csv.php
Or as a background process:
nohup php product-tire-sizes-export.csv.php > product-tire-sizes-export.csv &

Tire Search Form

Activate Search Via layout/vaftire.xml
In your theme's path, under the layout folder (app/design/frontend/default/default/layout/) open 'vaftire.xml'. Uncomment the layout XML to activate the tire search on the front-end. This allows a customer to search by tire size.

Submit Action

To change the submit action of the tires form, open the template file & change the form action. The template file is in vaftire/search.phtml

Edit in the URL of your tire category to the form action.

Import Vehicle Tire Sizes

// documentation todo - call for help setting up this database 1-877-CAR-1788