Wheels Installation & User Guide


With the bolt patterns module, you have the capability to upload the vehicle's bolt patterns. These will be used to cross reference the compatible wheels, and allow your customers to search by wheel size or by vehicle.


To install the module:

  • First upload the module, upload Elite/Vafwheel into your app/code/local/Elite/ path.
  • You may use the installer, or manually copy Vafwheel/Elite_Vafwheel.xml to app/etc/modules

Vehicle Wheels List Import

Before the system can automatically derive which vehicles fit each product, you must load the vehicles wheels list. This is done under Vehicles -> Wheels -> Import.

Vehicles will be loaded as encountered, the bolt pattern must be formatted as shown.

Add 'Bolt Pattern to Wheel'

When editing a product add one or more bolt patterns and press save. This sets the wheel specification of your product and simultaneously will add all the applicable vehicle applications. This allows your customer to search for wheels by vehicle.

Import 'bolt pattern to wheel'

Use the format above, one field for sku, bolt distance, & lug count each. Column order is not important.

Load it on the product edit page, under the vehicle fits tab as shown here. It may take some time. Select the file and press save product. It will associate bolts to all products who's SKUs you specified (the fact you do it on an individual product's page is just a quirk).

Import Product Wheel Sizes (Command Line Interface)

Navigate to Elite/Vafwheel/cron
To import, create a file called product-wheel-sizes-import.csv with the above format, then use this command:
php product-wheel-sizes-import.csv.php
Or as a background process:
nohup php product-wheel-sizes-import.csv.php > error_log &

Activate Wheel Search

In your theme's path, under the layout folder open 'vafwheel.xml'. Uncomment the layout XML to activate the wheel search on the front-end. This allows a customer to search by bolt pattern (search by wheel size). Next in the template path open vafwheel/search.phtml and edit in the URL of your wheel category to the form action.