Paint Module Installation & User Guide

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When you run the installer for the extension itself it should modify your tables. If you installed manually, please use the install-paint.php tool in the module. After installing (via any method), you must delete your var/cache folder. Flushing or clearing the cache doesn't work. Magento caches some things even when the cache is set to disable.

Link-in Javascript

Copy Vafpaint/vafPaint.js.php to your Magento installation path (usually the web root). Link to it in your front-end theme's page/html/head.phtml like this:

<script src="<?=Mage::getBaseUrl()?>/vafPaint.js.php" type="text/javascript" language="javascript"></script>

Load Vehicle & Paint Code Definitions Database

    Navigate to:
    Vehicles > Paint Codes > Import

Click browse and load the paint code csv data

    Example format:
    Make	Model	Year	Code	Name	Color(hex)
    Acura	Integra	1986	 B-26MZ	 Avignon Blue Metallic Clearcoat	#9CBBCC
    Acura	Integra	1986	 B-38	 Capitol Blue	#061D72

Load your file and press import.

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Create a Paintable Product, Assign Pricing Rules & Vehicle Fitments

    Head over to:
    Catalog > Manage Products 

Press 'Add Product'


    Attribute Set: default
    Product type:simple product
Press 'continue'.

Fill out all product required fields. Create a custom option of type 'dropdown' called "Painted" with values yes/no.

You may now assign fitments to your super product. When that is done it will be searchable on the front-end. If the user chooses a vehicle that has paint code data, and chooses 'Yes' in the paintable drop-down, he will be presented with a paint selection menu. Fig4:

Fig 4
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