The vehicle fit extension has been implemented as an enhancement for the Magento e-commerce platform, which has an open source (free) version available. From the customer's perspective the user picks a make, then the models load in via AJAX!. After subsequently choosing a model the customer can pick the year/options. The Vehicle Fits extension adds features to the front & back-end of this shopping cart. Be sure to check out the FAQ for lighter reading. Screenshots & videos are in each section below.

Search By Vehicle

Customizing & Adding Chained Select Boxes, Vehicle Selection Stays In Session, Hide options that do not have product, Vehicle Applications Listed On Product Page , Select Box Animation, My Garage / Low Profile Mode, Category Splash Page, Adding a 'Category' Selection To The Search Options, Ajax Mode or Offline Mode, Search on Category Pages (Hide/Show), Site Search From Homepage (Hide/Show), Vertical or Horizontal mode, Runs in all modern browsers, Supports Multiple Stores. Read More

Data Import/Export

At the click of a button, all your complex automotive data is comprehensively loaded into your automotive search engine. Vehicles List Import/Export, Multiple 'Levels' By Comma, Year Ranges, or Not. Or any Numeric Range, Product Application Fitments Import/Export Product Application Wild Cards, Use your own data or use ours!, Data Insight. Read More


Integrates with Magento Product Edit Page, Add vehicles in bulk to a product, ex add all "Hondas" in one click, or add all "Honda Civics" in only one click, Ability to add many vehicle fitments without having to press "save" each time, Duplicate Vehicles When Duplicating A Product, Custom 'levels' and Year Ranges. Read More

Car Logos

The LOGO module also displays the logo of the currently selected vehicle next to the search. The benefits of this include. * Clear indication of customers selected vehicle * Improves aesthetics * Helps customer locate vehicle more quickly Read More

Search Results

After choosing their vehicle from the homepage, product from all categories can be displayed in a variety of formats (Grid,Category,Grouped). Read More

Fitment Notes

The 'compatibility' notes module allows you to add a qualitative criteria to an application fitment. This allows for a free form description of the fitment. (Examples: Vehicle Manufacture Month Mid Year Model Change, Disclaimers). Read More

Faceted (Layered) Navigation

Organize your catalog based on any attribute, for instance if selling pickup truck covers, the customer can search for parts by bed size, color, price, all while filtering by vehicle. Read More

Universal Products

Ability to have a "universal product" that shows up for all vehicle searches. Read More


Verify that the customer purchased a part for the correct application fitment, Require customer to select vehible before checking out. Read More

Suspension & Kits

The available parts for a kit should be dependant on the vehicle that is selected. The suspension kit module allows just this. Read More

Automotive Aftermarket SEO

have landing pages for the people who are searching for specific automotive search queries, example: "Honda Civic 2006 Dash Kit". Google Shopping, Yahoo Sitemap XML, Google Sitemap XML HTML Sitemap, Dynamic Autmotive Product Titles, Link Directory. Read More


"My Vehicle" Section On Your Site, PHP Snippet Library Search Form (Move the Form, Use in a .phtml template, Use in CMS page, Display Horizontally, Style with CSS). Search Results (Grouped Products, Category). Read More

Paint Codes

Offer a painting service for paintable products, automatically "knows" the color of your customer's car. Read more


Search By Bolt Pattern, Search By Vehicle (A bolt pattern is a measurement that can be used to determine if the bolts of the wheel match the bolt pattern of the vehicle.. ) Read More

Wheel Adapters - Beta

Search By Wheel Adapter Size(s), Search By Vehicle On Vehicle Side. When you add the vehicle side bolt pattern for an adapter, the corresponding vehicles are derived & automatically added to that product. Read More

Tires - Beta

The tire package allows your customers to search by tire size, or by vehicle (finds matching vehicles based on tire size automatically). Read More